About Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy is a former homicide prosecutor and current legal analyst for ABC News. He spent 17 years assigned to the Homicide Unit of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted some of the most diabolical yet fascinating murder cases in the country. During his long tenure in Homicide, he prosecuted “cold cases,” famous serial killers, “no-body” murders, and many more.

Now in private practice, he regularly appears on shows like 20/20, Good Morning America, and various programs on Hulu Television. He is a regular on iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas, and has joined her evening news program many times to offer his insight on various murder cases across America. Matt has volunteered much of his time helping survivors of sexual assault navigate the confusing and often overwhelming criminal justice system. A native of Southern California, he is an avid surfer, diver, and novice painter. When not in the courtroom, he can often be found on, under, or in the waves near his beloved home of Manhattan Beach.

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